Food Permit

A permit must be purchased to bring in food or beverages from outside the drive-in. The cost is $10 per vehicle.

Any vehicle sharing food/beverages from another vehicle, must also buy a permit as well.

Vehicles inside the drive-in theatre with outside food/beverages without a permit will be charged double for a food/beverage permit (i.e. $20) or ejected from the drive-in. Please be honest with the security guards at the entrance !

Wherever you are, help keep drive-in theatre's in business. Patronize your drive-in concession stand.
Thank you!


Our restaurant serves only high quality food and beverages; sanitation and preparation is monitored by a registered dietitian.

1/3 lb steak burgers      1/3 lb cheese steak burger
Chicago Style (the works) Hot Dog
Regular Hot Dogs     Corn Dogs     Chili Dogs
14 inch Chicago-Style Pizza
Chili Cheese Dogs        Pork Tenderloin
French Fries       Potato Wedges
      Chicken Fingers
Nacho chips & Cheese      Beef Quesadilla
Nacho Supreme (with cheese & chili)
Jumbo Soft Dough Pretzel
Jumbo Soft Dough Pretzel With Cheese
Pork Eggrolls     Bosco Sticks     Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

24 oz & 44 oz Drinks :
Pepsi    Diet Pepsi    Dr. Pepper
Mountain Dew   Root Beer   Lemonade
Tea    Raspberry Tea   Coffee    Hot Chocolate

Popcorn & Buttered Popcorn
Large & Extra Large served in movie "collectible" buckets.

Collectable Buckets:
Donít miss out on getting yours as soon as they becomes available.

Regular Sized Candy:
Twizzlers    Sour Jacks   Cookie Dough Bites
Fischer's Chocolate Peanuts
Sunmaid Chocolate Raisins
Sqworms     Kitkats     Reese Cups,
Snocaps     Dots     Nerds     Gobstoppers
Nestle Buncha Crunch     Lemonheads

Small Sized Candy:
Welch's fruit snacks: Strawberry & Mixed Fruit

Frusheez (Slush Drinks)
Strawberry, Blue Raspberry & Cherry.
Strawberry Smoothie (made with real strawberries)

Cotton Candy
Funnel Cakes -"Powdered sugar or Cinammon sugar".
Aunt Beth's Large Cookies:
Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter ,or M&M.
Caramel Apple Treat
Cinammon Glazed Almonds, or Pecans.
Root Beer Float

Soft Serve Ice Cream:
Vanilla, or Peaches-n-Cream
Blue Bunny Premium Ice Cream Novelties:
Vanilla Crunch    Chocolate Eclair     Cookies & Cream
Heath Bar      Big Neopolitan Sandwich    
Big Vanilla Sandwich      Big Mississippi Mud
Champ Cone Caramel      Champ
Cone Vanilla      Strawberry Shortcake.
Alien Glo Pop

Flash Pop    Blinking Pacifiers    Crystal Star
Necklaces    Crystal Star Rings    Crystal Star
Bracelets    LED Mouthguards    Glow Necklaces
Glow Bracelets.

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